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Your neighbors are ghosts

On the other hand, this holiday is a good reason to think, but is there really an otherworld and where can you meet ghosts? Especially for those who are willing to take a chance and test their nerves for strength, we have compiled a selection of hotels in which terrible stories took place, and it is believed that ghosts live there.

Cecil Hotel (currently Stay on Main), Los Angeles, USA

The hotel was built in the center of Los Angeles in 1924. Over the entire time of its existence, criminal cases occurred repeatedly, including three murders, but it is more interesting than a certain number of suicides occurred in it. The most famous and widely discussed was the case of Eliza Lam, a student from Canada, who was drowned in one of the technical water tanks on the roof of the hotel. The fact is that during the investigation, recordings of surveillance cameras were made public, on which it is clearly visible that Eliza, being in the elevator completely alone, waves her hands, as if pushing away someone and defending herself, and her face is painted deadly horror. In 2011, the hotel was renamed Stay on Main. Residents continue to regularly report paranormal activity.

Today, Stay on Main is a modern design hotel with brightly decorated rooms, fast Wi-Fi and parking in the city center. Guests can stay in a comfortable room with a double bed and a private bathroom, or choose a cheaper option – a common room with double beds. Los Angeles’s flower district and the Grand Central Market are within walking distance. 

Toftaholm Herrgård, Lagan, Sweden

The manor on Lake Langan, surrounded by endless green meadows and shady groves, was once the family estate of a Swedish baron. The young man living in the estate of ordinary workers fell in love with the daughter of the baron, but the imperious father flatly refused to pass off the girl as a commoner, and in confirmation of his firm intention he immediately arranged her wedding with another, more notable challenger. An ardent lover could not bear such a blow and on the wedding day he hanged himself in one of the rooms, but he could not find peace.

If you are not afraid that his ghost will steal your dream, but they say that this is how he often acts with the guests, casting sad thoughts and longing on them, you will be able to fully enjoy the peaceful rest in a large country house, unhurried walks around the lake wooden boat and long evenings by the large fireplace. Hotel Toftaholm Herrgård welcoming guests for over 6 centuries, and now it is ruled by the 27th generation of the hosts, who are happy to guests with children and pets. The hotel has a sauna and a spa, and for a romantic getaway, a spacious wedding suite is equipped. 

Grand Hyatt Hotel Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

The hotel of the world-famous Grand Hyatt chain was built in Taipei, Taiwan in 1989, so the messages of guests about strange sounds in empty rooms, and even more so their stories about meetings with ghosts do not sound very believable. Nevertheless, there were really many such rumors. It turns out that the hotel was erected on the spot where Japanese soldiers were executed and buried during World War II. It is said that ghosts are most often found on the upper floors of the hotel. Since such talk had a very negative effect on the hotel’s reputation, the managers called Feng Shui specialists and, at their insistence, hung Chinese Chinese calligraphy in certain places of the hotel, which should not be calmed by restless souls.

Apart from the paranormal, the five-star hotel is a classic representative of the Grand Hyatt network with a full range of amenities, an outdoor pool, sauna, spa, and fitness center. For business trips, there is a modern conference center. 

Hotel del   San Diego, USA

Opened in 1888, the Hotel del Coronado was at that time the largest resort in the world, it was visited by presidents, kings, and celebrities of that time. From the side of his turrets and the sharp peaks of the roofs give him the look of a Disney castle, but the guests often meet in the hotel’s walls not the heroes of the cartoons, but the eerie ghost of the lady in a black evening dress. In November 1892, in room 304, which is now number 3327, a young woman stopped and introduced herself to Kate Morgan and said that she was waiting for her brother to come. Her brother did not appear, and after three days her body was found on the steps leading to the beach. The murderer was never found, so the ghost of Kate could not calm down and occasionally appears at the crime scene, reminding the descendants of an unsolved secret. Inexplicable phenomena also occur in the former number of the deceased: periodic interruptions in electricity, draft in closed doors and windows. Those who dared to settle in room 3327 complained about a strange whisper coming from nowhere and about an uncontrolled depressive mood. By the way, Stephen King based his work “1408” on a story from the life of the parapsychologist Christopher Chacon, who investigated Kate Morgan’s room at the Hotel del Coronado.

The oceanfront resort has 680 rooms and an almost endless list of amenities and services: a private beach, a large outdoor pool, a golf course, tennis court, a spa, a fitness room, and massage rooms, a kids club, and professional babysitters. The road to the busy tourist center of the city takes about half an hour. 

Hotel LaFer, village Gerchiki, Russia

The former estate near Moscow of the Scottish Leslie family is also shrouded in scary legends. The history of the estate began in the second half of the 18th century when the first buildings were erected on the land donated by Emperor Alexander Leslie. By 1830, a huge two-story house with a mezzanine in a classic style, the Trinity Church and a spacious park with ponds grew up in Gerchikovo. For almost four centuries, the manor repeatedly changed owners, and at the same time, it was overgrown with various rumors. According to one of them, somewhere in the house is a hidden treasure, which is impossible to find. Another story says that the ghost of a girl lives in the house, who sometimes walks along the corridors in a white dress. They say that this is the soul of a noblewoman who tried to escape with her lover. The girl was caught and, in punishment for the impudent insurrection, was walled up in the wall of the estate right in the wedding dress. It is believed that

After the revolution, the old manor was nationalized, and the school and summer camp was working on its territory. In 2009, the new owner began the restoration, and since the end of 2010, it has been hosting a luxury hotel with 16 spacious rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, a golf course, a sauna, and a restaurant. In summer, you can ride bicycles on the estate, and in winter – on skis, the main specialization of the hotel is solemn events. 

Hotel National, Moscow, Russia

The urban legend says that the ghost of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who periodically appears in the corridors and reflections of mirrors, lives in the National Hotel. At night, guests can hear the sound of footsteps, as if someone is walking in a room from corner to corner, and then rustling papers at the desktop. Sometimes you hear the sound of a spoon on the walls of faceted glass, and sometimes a ghost can suddenly turn on or off the light. Perhaps the leader’s ghost settled here because, during his lifetime, Vladimir Ilyich liked and remembered the week he spent with his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya in room 107 of the National Hotel in 1917. Or maybe the whole thing is that this is a five-star hotel closest to the Kremlin and the Mausoleum.

In fact, you can hear the ghost here only if he comes to your room personally, because the hotel has a modern sound insulation system. In addition, there is an indoor pool, sauna, fitness, and spa. Rooms range from standard to presidential suites overlooking the bright lights of downtown Moscow. 

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