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Where did you find it? The most unusual holiday souvenirs

If you do not want to buy a trinket that will gather dust on the far shelf are looking for something that will truly surprise and raise questions among guests, pay attention to local manufactures and crafts. Today we have compiled for you a small list of unusual souvenirs from some countries, and, of course, in every corner of the world, there is something to add it.

Tar Syrup, Finland

Thick black liquid with a strange odor may seem anything to you – a lubricant for mechanisms or resin for impregnating the wood, but certainly not a sweet syrup for desserts. However, this sauce tastes good, especially when combined with ice cream or pancakes. If the aroma does not make you appetite, you can buy resin from soap instead of syrup.

Snake tincture, Vietnam

Almost every country has its own tincture of herbs or berries, but in Vietnam, they went further – alcohol is poured into a bottle along with a reptile. The snake, curled with neat rings on the bottom, is a bit like an exhibit at a medical exhibition, and according to local beliefs, this drink has an anesthetic effect. It is also said that, despite the repulsive appearance, it is a strong aphrodisiac.

Caramel with a scorpion, USA

As it turned out, insects feed not only in Asia. In the US state of Arizona, there are so many scorpions that souvenirs are made of the – beautiful multi-colored lollipops, with a frozen, as if in the resin, a small but dangerous animal. It remains only to wonder whether the droplet of poison on the tip of the sting has frozen together with him.

Coffee Luwak, Indonesia

Small, monkey-like animals that live in the jungles of Indonesia, eat coffee berries and choose the juiciest and ripe. It is said that having passed their digestive tract, coffee grains are fermented in a special way, and the drink from them acquires a particularly pleasant tart taste and aroma. Lyuvak coffee is sold already ready to roast, but lovers of the exotic can buy a bag of dry “bars” to pick out the beans on their own.

Kangaroo Opener, Australia

Kangaroo is a symbol of Australia, and its image is most often found on souvenirs. However, you can not limit the symbolism and buy a thing with a real animal, or rather part of it. As the rabbit’s foot brings good luck, a kangaroo’s foot with an attached corkscrew helps to open the wine and attract the attention of guests, and for beer, they release a more brutal version – with shaggy eggs.

Possum Wool Scarf, New Zealand

Opossum wool is one of two frost-resistant in the world, only these animals and polar bears can boast a non-freezing fur coat that does not dube even in the worst frost. This wool is very soft and delicate, and products made of it are 35% warmer than similar items from cashmere. Yarn is produced on eco-farms in New Zealand, where possums live a long happy life. An unusual souvenir can be very useful!

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