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Under the blue sky: winter Yalta and the hotel from the movie “Assa”

Snow-white, located on the embankment of Yalta among the greenery of palm trees and magnolias, this hotel since its construction was listed as the hallmark of the city. Its first owner, Alexander Witmer, is a retired general of a hussar regiment of Danish origin, a professor of military history and tactics of the General Staff Academy, a writer and a Zemstvo figure. When Vitmer in the lobbies of the hotel the smell of cigars mixed with the aroma of freshly ground coffee and expensive perfumes, in the art salon exhibited Aivazovsky, Shishkin, Makovsky, Vereshchagin. After the revolution, Oreanda was a boarding house, a health resort, a closed sanatorium for NKVD workers, and in the 1980s, an Intourist hotel. And initially, the hotel management persistently refused to filmmakers to provide a number for the shooting. But, they say, Sergey Solovyov sent a telegram directly to the name of Mikhail Gorbachev,

In the story, the hero Stanislav Govorukhin Krymov rented two rooms at the hotel – for himself and the nurse Aliki. However, from those interiors, there is not much left – in 2001 the hotel experienced a large-scale reconstruction. Now a single classic room in low season will cost 4400 rubles per night. And the apartment, called “Assa”, where the film was actually shot was almost 40 thousand rubles (the price is for the accommodation of four people). This is a three-room suite (living room, study, and bedroom) with an area of ​​93 sq.m., with a balcony overlooking the sea. There is a jacuzzi in the bathroom and an electric fireplace in the living room.

After the reconstruction, on the site of an indoor court, where the characters played tennis, the entertainment complex grew, a bowling alley, a billiard room, and a children’s playground appeared. In addition, guests can enjoy the outdoor and indoor saltwater pools, a spa and fitness center, bars and restaurants, a nightclub and a private beach just a couple of minutes walk from the hotel.

The famous cable car, which leads from the embankment to the Darsan Hill, which became a landmark after the movie was released, is still nearby. From the cable car overlooking the sea, the mountains, and the old town. In 15 minutes by car is a 200-year-old Nikitsky Botanical Garden. Here, the artists of the Lilliputian Theater performed on the summer stage excerpts from the operetta Silva, and also scenes were filmed where video monitoring was carried out behind Krym.

By the way, the original director was not going to shoot the snow-covered beaches. But the clear weather abruptly gave way to snowfall, and after a week of inactivity, it was decided to continue shooting, without waiting for the weather to improve. Not surprisingly, after the “Assy” Yalta became much more popular in the offseason and winter.

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