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The British have identified the best hostels in Europe

The category of “Luxury hostels” (“luxury hostels”, which almost sounds like an oxymoron in Russian), along with the Venetian, Parisian, Berlin and other addresses, also hit St. Petersburg.

Youth Soul Kitchen Hostel is located in Petersburg, on the embankment of the river Moyka, in a former communal flat in the apartment house of Lipin, built-in 1863. The owners of Soul Kitchen decided to fix the main disadvantage of hostels and took maximum care of the guests’ personal space: the emphasis was placed on private rooms with a claim to designer interiors: from a suite with a rook bed and a fireplace to an ascetic room with a bed and a pedestal. In the common rooms, there are custom-made two-story beds with curtains, where each has its own shelf, lamp, and socket. Available for stay: 8-bed common room and 8-bed female, as well as four 4-bedrooms. You can gather the company on a large balcony overlooking the Moika. Important bonuses: Apple computers for general use and rental of film cameras.

From the terrace on the roof of the Parisian Les Paules, located in the building of the modernist era, offers a breathtaking view of Montmartre. The Belleville district, where the hostel is located, is famous among nightlife lovers for its bars and clubs. However, you can lead an almost bohemian lifestyle without leaving the hostel: the restaurant and bar, where parties are held periodically, is here (from 3 euros for a glass of wine, please), and also a library and photo booth (hello to fans of the Amelie film by Jean -Piere Wife). It offers guests a 2-bedroom with a private bathroom and 4-bed, 6-bed and 8-bed dormitory rooms. In the common rooms, the beds are also double-decker and with curtains. As well as rooms on the roof: 4 local common and a separate 2-seater.

From Generator Hostel to Venice’s main attractions, just one stop away from Piazza San Marco or Rialto Bridge. Although the hostel is located in the building of former grain storage, it’s possible to call its interior chic: a mosaic floor, a crystal chandelier in the lobby, Murano glass candelabra, velvet upholstery of heavy chairs placed in front of the fireplace, a lot of antique wood. “(And maybe really old): from the beams to the furniture and the bar (cocktails from 6 euros). You can stay in a double suite in the attic or in one of the common rooms for 4, 8 or 16 people.

To get to the ClinkNoord Hostel, for example, from Amsterdam Central Station, you need to swim to the opposite bank of the river Hey on the ferry (runs around the clock). The former building of the technical laboratory, built at the beginning of the twentieth century, was converted into a hotel with a Dutch sense of style and practicality. The hostel itself is huge – with 730 rooms. There are both separate rooms for one, two or four travelers, and common rooms with bunk beds for 8-16 guests. It is noteworthy that in this hostel you can live in the women’s common room. It is not surprising that the public spaces of the hostel are large-scale: a restaurant the size of a large student canteen, in the courtyard, if you wish, you can even ride a bicycle, the reading room can be envied by the regional library. And what kind of parties are there – oh!

Few hostels can boast of their own museum, but not the Berlin Circus Hostel. There is an exposition dedicated to the American actor and musician David Hasselhoff, known among fans as Hoff, the star of the TV series “Knight of the Roads” and “Rescuers of Malibu”. However, most of the guests here are attracted not by the museum, but by their own brewery. In addition, the owners of the hotel organize hiking tours, photo tours for guests, and bicycles and tablets can be rented. Beer yoga classes are also here: beer bottles are used as weights (like dumbbells) or gymnastics equipment (like a ball) to complicate exercises. You can stay in private rooms or in common rooms. Sam Circus Hostel located in the most interesting area of ​​Mitte – around the shops of local designers, large and tiny galleries, vintage second-hand, antique shops and bars, bars, bars.

Every evening, guests gather at the Lavanda RoofTop roof terrace in Seville, Spain: they dine together, drink wine, share impressions, listen to music, admire the good view of the local cathedral from here. The hostel is cozy, democratic, with a large kitchen (for those who love to cook or want to save on food in restaurants and cafes). The rooms of the hostel are decorated with handmade wooden furniture, but there are no separate rooms among them, only common for 4, 6 or 8 guests.

Sir Toby’s Prague is not located in the old town, but in the neighborhood and near the local Center for Contemporary Art. So the interior of the hostel itself successfully combines modern minimalism and a retro game: white walls and wooden parquet and window frames, furniture from the mid-twentieth century and modern lighting. Good reviews about the pub in the basement of the hostel and the beautiful garden laid out in the backyard, wherein the summer have a barbecue. It offers guests both private rooms and common rooms, including women.

Was in the rating Tattva Design Hostel – The biggest hostel in Porto. It occupies two historic buildings with impeccable modern interiors, where 116 people can be accommodated at the same time – both in suites and in dormitories. It is especially noted that part of the rooms and all public spaces are made taking into account the needs of people with disabilities. In addition, Tattva Design Hostel has its own restaurant (breakfast is included in the price) and a bar on the terrace, where barbeque parties are held in summer. Well, the location of the hostel is beyond praise – in the center of Porto, within walking distance of most of the city’s attractions.

In order to build a former prison in Ljubljana, built in the late nineteenth century, turned into a modern and attractive hostel for guests, an international team of 80 artists and designers as needed. Therefore, in Celica Hostel no duplicate rooms, common rooms or cameras. Yes, it is also possible to stop in the former cells, however, only their entrance doors with a metal grill and the small size of the window remind of their prison past (the grille is removed from the windows). Everything else – planning, furniture, light – claims the title of works of design art. It is noteworthy that in the process of reworking each of the 20 cameras, the artists were supposed to meet the budget of 2,600 euros. On the website of the hostel, you can see the camera-rooms in detail – you can be sure that you will find many excellent design solutions for small apartments.

A few years ago, The Yellow was named the best hostel in Rome. Why not just here: a pub, a club and a terrace, a mini-cinema with a projector, and even yoga lessons. It would seem that much more, but the owners are planning to open here also a hairdresser. The furnishing of the rooms and common rooms cannot be called outstanding, but everything you need is there. It is noteworthy that persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to stay at the hostel. 16-17-year-olds can live only in the company of adult mates and with the written permission of their parents. And for guests over 45 years old will be offered for accommodation only individual rooms.

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