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Prosperity Index: 25 of the richest, healthiest, and happiest countries

Countries were compared on 104 indicators, including traditional ones, such as GDP and the number of people working full time, and rather unusual ones – the number of secure Internet servers and how tired people are in everyday life. The state of the environment, the safety of life, personal freedom, education, business development and other comparative characteristics (sub-indices) were also taken into account, for which a rating was made from 149 countries with open data. Over the past seven years, Norway was in the lead, but in 2016 it lost the first place … however, this will be lower and gradually – we will start from the end.

25. Portugal

For all sub-indices, Portugal should have been at about 50 positions, but in matters of personal liberty of citizens, it became the tenth, therefore, in general, it took the 25th place.

24. Malta

A small island in the Mediterranean was in the top twenty on many points, but on the issue of social capital, it was the eighth from the end. As a result – 24th place.

23. Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong ’s independence is relative, this special autonomous region of China is represented separately in the prosperity rating (China itself ranks 90th) and is in the top. For example, Hong Kong is the fourth in the list of countries with the best business environment.

22. Japan

Although Japan today is in economic stagnation, it is still the leading country on many points, for example, the third in the world in terms of safety and the fourth in terms of the quality of health care.

21. Spain

Despite the political problems that have slightly worsened the situation in Spain in the last couple of years, it is still thriving. The country ranks 15th on the list, thanks to the good environmental situation and high level of security.

20. Slovenia

Slovenia is not strong in business and its social capital is not so high, but according to the Legatum index, it is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe – it has the highest score on the environment.

19. Singapore

Known primarily as a world trade port and financial center, Singapore is also good for people’s lives: second in the health rating and first in safety. Only a low level of personal liberty of citizens did not allow Singapore to occupy the top line in the overall rating.

18. France

Another country with a shaky economy and it would be overboard the top lines of the rating, if not the fourth place in terms of the environment.

17. USA

While Donald Trump promises to make America “great again”, the country has moved from 11th place to 17th in the year. But now the United States remains the leader in the development of the business environment.

16. Belgium

Despite the fact that the calm of Belgium in the outgoing year shook the attacks, and Brussels became the home of terrorists preparing attacks on other European cities, this country remains one of the most prosperous in the world, entering the top ten leaders in the field of personal freedom of citizens and access to education.

15. Austria

A European country with luxury ski resorts showed excellent results, entering the top 20 in almost all indicators, and in terms of safety – in the top ten.

14. Iceland

Isolated from the world, with a population of only 300 thousand people, Iceland does not seem to be a prosperous country but entered the top five of the rating in terms of security, personal freedom, and social capital.

13. Ireland

The best indicators of Ireland are the fifth place in the field of personal freedom of citizens and the seventh place in the field of education.

12. Luxembourg

Known as the birthplace of the head of the EU, Jean-Claude Janker, Luxembourg climbed to the top of the rating on two points at once: personal freedom and the health of the nation. In the matter of security, the country is in second place in the world.

11. Germany

Germany, the locomotive of the entire Eurozone, stopped at the threshold of dozens of prosperous countries, having failed to enter it. Its maximum indicator is the fifth place in the financial sphere.

10. United Kingdom

This year was a good one for England – it moved from 15th place to 10th compared with last year’s figures. The main achievement in the ranking is the fifth line in business.

9. Denmark

Scandinavia sets high standards of living standards for the whole world and Denmark, which ranked ninth in the ranking, turned out to be the most “non-flowering” in the region. Her highest score is the top five for security.

8. Sweden

Ahead of its neighbor, Denmark, by just one place in the ranking, Sweden this year dropped to eighth place from the fifth in 2015. And this is despite the 3rd position in finance and the 5th in management.

7. Netherlands

Having the second place in terms of education and finance, the fourth – in management, the fifth – in health care, the Netherlands is not included in the overall top five due to problems with environmental protection.

6. Australia

Love for a careless lifestyle and always good weather – no wonder Australia is recognized as a prosperous country. In terms of indicators: second place in social capital advanced Australia by one point in the overall ranking compared with last year.

5. Canada

The northern neighbor of the United States has greatly overtaken them in the overall ranking of prosperity. The country has the third place in the field of social capital and business and the second in the personal freedom of citizens.

4. Switzerland

Switzerland soared to the top of the rankings thanks to leadership in education and third place in health issues. According to financial indicators, the country ranks fourth.

3. Finland

Finland and Norway are the most prosperous northern countries of the world. The Finns have the first place in management and the second in the state of the environment. For the rest of the items, everything is also very good.

2. Norway

For seven years, Norway was the most prosperous country on the planet on the Legatum index, but this year it went down to the line below. The maximum indicator is the third place in the field of management.

1. New Zealand

And the winner is … New Zealand! The official leader of the ranking of prosperous countries ranks first in terms of social capital and finance, and second in the points of business environment and management. And it’s just a pleasure to live there.

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