An Afternoon in the Arcade

An afternoon at the arcade is always a great childhood memory. Play the classic Skee Ball, Pac Man, Galaga, Racing, and first-person-adventure games, or choose from the latest and greatest games to hit the arcade scene this year.

The underground arcade scene in Collinsville has had quite a few excellent players emerge in the community over the years, and Gateway Fun Park has been proud to watch them grow up. Additionally, the high scores set at Gateway have been off the nothing short of amazing. We can't wait to see who tops the lists next year.

Another great memory to watch being made on the Arcade floor: adults teaching children the trick to Skee Ball, and then to see the elder's pride/amazement/consternation as the student become the master. Some take it more gracefully than others!

After you have proven your skills, redeem your tickets for fun and memorable prizes at our redemption counter.