An Afternoon in the Arcade

An afternoon at the arcade is always a great childhood memory. Play the classic Skee Ball, Pac Man, Galaga, Racing, and first-person-adventure games, or choose from the latest and greatest games to hit the arcade scene this year.

The underground arcade scene in Collinsville has had quite a few excellent players emerge in the community over the years, and Gateway Fun Park has been proud to watch them grow up. Additionally, the high scores set at Gateway have been off the nothing short of amazing. We can't wait to see who tops the lists next year.

Another great memory to watch being made on the Arcade floor: adults teaching children the trick to Skee Ball, and then to see the elder's pride/amazement/consternation as the student become the master. Some take it more gracefully than others!

After you have proven your skills, redeem your tickets for fun and memorable prizes at our redemption counter.

Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats

A Great Way To Cool Off On A Hot Day!

Bump and bounce your family and friends! See who can soak who first while guiding your bumper boat around our bumper boat arena. Experience the thrill of the hunt while also trying to fend off the (refreshing) suprise attacks of your closest family and friends.

Each of our Bumper Boats has a water cannon that shoots roughly 20 feet. So not only can you evade and ram your opponents, but a long range barrage of attacks are available as well.

So rev up your jets and get ready to rumble!

Height/Age Requirements

Bumper boat drivers must be at least 44" tall.

Enjoy a wet and wild ride with your family that's sure to put a smile on everyone's face.



Go Karts

Go Karts

Go Karts at Gateway: The Race Is On

Take on your family or friends and enjoy the race. Compete with other drivers on our winding curves and inclines to see who has the best skills. Grownups and kids alike love the excitement of our Go Karts.

The Go Karts are powered by 9 HP Honda engines, and travel to speeds up to 20mph!

The Gateway Fun Park go-kart track is over a quarter-mile long, with twists, turns, and straightaways that leave plenty of strategy available to make your pass. Find your best line and get in a  groove. - see if you can beat your best laptimes with our finely tuned go-karts.

Winter Months Temperatures must reach 50 degrees. Please call if in question. Our safe, fast Grand Prix Go Kart Track is almost as fun to watch as it is to ride!

Also, our tandem go-karts are a popular option to give younger riders the thrill of a race as a passenger. Whether you enjoy the thrill of speeding around the track, or some serious racing with friends ... Gateway's racetrack is fun for everyone!

Age/Height Requirements

Driver must be 58" tall. Passenger must be 3 years old and 36" tall. Driver must be 16 years old when driving a passenger. 

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Kiddie Karts

Kiddie Karts

The Go Kart Track for Kids

Our go kart track for kids, the Kiddie Karts, might be the attraction we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts. Here the young ones get a taste for speed, steering, and victory. All of this safely, of course.

Have your camera ready because this adorable ride is a photo-opp your don't want to miss. The Kiddie Kart track is for children ages 4 to 9 and the karts are designed, along with the track, to be child friendly and safe for the age group.

Our attendants are on hand to monitor and instruct the children all the way around the track, so you can rest easy as your little one takes their first kiddie kart ride. They will feel like the big kids!


Batting Cages

Batting Cages

Swing a Round at Gateway Fun Park

Practice batting for as long as you want in our 6 batting cages that offer fast pitch baseball and fast pitch softball. Whether you just swing a round or spend all day perfecting your form, you'll have a lot of fun in our Batting Cages.

Practice makes perfect! Our automated pitching machines will provide the repetitions you need to improve, at a pace that can't be beat. Whether you want to play in the big leagues or you just want to have an hour of fun hitting a round of balls, at Gateway Fun Park Batting Cages you have the opportunity to swing away.

The Batting Cages

We have the best batting cages in the St. Louis area - both baseball pitching machines as well as softball. The speeds vary from 35-80 mph in the baseball cages. Speeds can be adjusted for team rentals. 

Bring The Whole Team

Bring The Whole Team and rent our Batting Cage by the hour. Hit all the balls you can during your hour rental. Rotate hitters or rent multiple cages. Cage Rental: $25 per Hour.

We have also developed a team building event with a special scoring system. Ask about it for your next event!

Mini Golf

Mini Golf

A Picturesque Scene: Miniature Golf at Gateway

Our two seperate 18-hole mini-golf courses are nothing short of spectacular. Get your timing down and practice your putting in an incredibly varied environment, with fountains and landscaping that will take your breath away.

Sunset at the park is always a great time for mini-golf, as the families and couples tee off and sky turns fiery orange, red, yellow, and every shade of blue, it's the perfect time for a picture and a memory you will never forget.

Enjoy winding roads, waterfalls, and epic period buildings throughout the miniature golf course. You can challenge your family and friends to either a relaxing game or an intensely-fought mini-golf tournament.